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20 years of activities between 1986 and 2006 were rich in experience and full of emotion: seven creations, about 150 concerts in , , , , and , with the recording of 's, a video and a DVD.

The new creation

The new show include the seven current pianists of : ç , , , - , , and . It will also include two video artists ( and ); and two guest musicians:

Photo :

, a young percussionist who studied at the New School University in and at the of , and violinist Sté Dé, educated in at , virtuosity at the Conservatory of , and currently at the of . Like the previous creations of , the show will be rich in musical and scenic emotions, and no doubt the video will bring an added artistic touch.

The subject of this new show is musically latin (in the wide sense of the term) also presenting live video images, and collected elements from our previous international tours.